Winter Blends

January 19 2018

Jacqueline Rosenhek

What is a better way to spend winter than to cozy up and watch a movie or read a book or just chill out with a nice mixture of your favourite essential oils diffusing in the air? There is something special about being comfortable in your own home and being able to set the atmosphere to your specifications. These essential oil mixtures will definitely help you feel relaxed, warm and happy throughout the winter.


Winter Flower

One does not tend to think of floral scented things as being a part of winter but rest assured this blend smells sweet and spicy and just absolutely gorgeous.

2 drops of cardamom

3 drops of black pepper

4 drops of rose absolute or geranium

2 drops nutmeg


S.A.D Be Gone!

No one is saying that an essential oil blend will completely cure any form of mental illness, including seasonal affective disorder. However there are certain essential oil blends that will help to uplift your mood at least a little bit.


2 drops of cinnamon

4 drops of orange

1 drop of fennel

1 drop of rosemary


Mulled Cider

There is nothing quite as comfortable and cozy as curling up with a mulled cider under a blanket on a cold day. It isn’t just the taste but the smell of the cider as well that just puts someone right at ease, so why not diffuse a blend that smells like that?

2 drops of cinnamon

3 drops of orange

3 drops of nutmeg

2 drops of black pepper




You are on holiday; you are taking a break from work and from getting up early in the morning and having to rush around. It sounds like a nice long winter’s nap is in order.


3 drops cedar wood

3 drops lavender

2 drops orange

2 drops marjoram


Winter Forest

If you are lucky enough to experience the majesty of a beautiful snow covered forest, you will see it is an amazing sight to behold. There is something so silent, so peaceful and yet so grand about snow covered thickets of trees, and the smell it leaves in your memory would likely be one you would want to recreate in your home.


3 drops of black spruce

2 drops of fir

3 drops of cedar wood

1 drop of clove

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