Why is Meditation Essential?

August 29 2017

 Jacqueline Rosenhek

 Do you ever feel sometimes that you are just mentally and emotionally clogged? Your brain is just going non-stop as you get regularly bogged down with work demands and family demands and friendship demands. Thoughts used to flow freely through your mind but now they just cram together creating a sort of mental gridlock and create nothing but noise and stress. Much like the rest of the human body, sometimes your mind needs a bit of a detox. We spend so much of our lives planning and analyzing and multi-tasking and while that can actually be great, after a certain extent it just becomes too much and it can lead to stress and burn out.

We have all heard of meditation but what is it really? By definition, meditation is a broad variety of practices that promote mental clarity, relaxation, focus or the building of life force. One of the most known forms of meditation aims at sustaining single-pointed focus which is meant to enable its practitioner to boost their sense of well while doing any life activity. The act of meditation has been known to emotionally ground and stabilize many people, slow and stop panic attacks, improve focus and even boost the immune system with benefits ranging from increased longevity to reducing symptoms of depression. There are many ways to meditate as well. Meditation, as previously mentioned can range in physical activity; some people like to sit, lay down or stand in one place while others may be more active and walk, run, dance or focus themselves on a hobby like gardening. Meditation is more of a combination of mental exercise and a physical state of being. If everyone tried to take a little more time to clear their minds of the clutter and build up and tried to just breathe and try to live in the present, the collective positive outcome would be nothing short of amazing.

So take a deep breath and take some time for yourself. Take some time, when you aren’t busy, to try to focus on your breathing slowly in and out. Find a position that is comfortable for you or a hobby that soothes you and just try to focus on your breathing and your physical state. Try to slowly remove the clutter from your mind like your job, relationships, your family, basically anything that could distract you or stress you out and take yourself in stride. Sometimes our mind’s eye gets a bit blocked with all of our mental stress and distractions, if we all just take a little time each day to meditate, we can see the world much more clearly.


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