Tips and Tricks to Prevent Hair Loss

Jacqueline Rosenhek

September 20 2017


We live in a society where hair is more than just a noticed physical aspect. We style it, cut it, treat it, colour it, brush it, wash it, and even slightly obsess over it (only slightly though). Another thing that happens with many of us with regards to our hair is that some of us will eventually lose it which can cause a lot of psychological stress. Why does this happen to us? There are actually a few different reasons why people lose their hair. In the case for many men and women, hair-loss is typically linked with a change in sex hormones, in many other cases, hair-loss can be attributed to different medications one might be taking or frequent stress and force used on the scalp from wearing very tight braids or ponytails. Poor health and vitamin and mineral deficiencies can play a huge role in hair loss as well.

With all the unhealthy habits human beings tend to pick up (not drinking enough water, eating junk, smoking, excessive drinking) and the amount of over-styling we tend to do to our hair, it is no wonder that as a result, many people’s hair ends up brittle, thin and eventually sheds out. The most essential vitamins and minerals that you could have for healthy hair are as follows:

Iron: Women of child-bearing ages or those who don’t eat a lot of red meat tend to be deficient in iron. Even those who aren’t anemic can also have low iron levels. Iron carries oxygen to hair and nails to promote healthy growth. Iron-rich foods include, egg yolks, lentils, spinach and kale.

Vitamin B: Biotin, niacin and cobalamin are among the most popular B vitamins that help restore shine and thickness to strands as well as helping to promote growth. Load up on whole grains, eggs, avocados and almonds, as they are some of the best food sources for B vitamins.

Zinc: People who like to sweat it out at the gym unfortunately tend to lose significant amounts of zinc. To regain this important mineral, consume 15-30mg daily or eat high-zinc foods like tofu, lentils, oatmeal and cashews.

Here are just a couple of examples on what you can do to give your hair follicles a tiny bit of a boost. It is also important to try to stick to chemical free hair products and to not colour your hair so often.  It is also important to detoxify yourself to get rid of any excess acidity by adding more water in your diet as well. All forms of beauty start from the inside and that means that in order for you to have beautiful, healthy hair you are going to need to take care of your health too!  


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