The Importance of Protein

December 2 2016

Jacqueline Rosenhek


Protein is what makes up our hair, skin, nails, muscles, bones and hormones and it produces enzymes and contains amino acids that are imperative to human function and development and it is an essential staple in our diet as human beings. It is an essential macronutrient in our diets which means we can actually consume large amounts of it without it giving negative side effects in our diets. How much of it do we really need every day though? Does it vary from person to person or is there a generalized amount? What are the best sources of protein?

There is much debate as to whether plant or animal based protein is more efficient for the human body. Both certainly have their differences and with that, their own unique merits. Generally speaking, since animal based protein (eggs, dairy and meat) mimics our own tissues and contain the necessary amino acids for our body are more readily available; however, meat in North America nowadays is typically full of hormones and antibiotics which can cause very harmful side effects. Plant based proteins tend to be a bit more difficult for the human body to utilize because it tends to miss one or more amino acids essential to the human body, however, most plant based proteins do tend to be easier to digest and are far less likely to result in allergies and is less likely to result in high cholesterol and heart disease. Soya protein also tends to have particular health benefits for women because regular consumption of soya can actually have great results with bone mineral density and preventing osteoporosis and is a fantastic source of minerals such as calcium and iron.

When it comes to protein and physical activity, protein plays an integral part. Not only does it help with muscular development, but it also helps with physical endurance, recovery, nourishment and maintenance. Eating a protein rich diet or including protein supplements into a healthy diet and lifestyle is a sure way to help maintain a very healthy body, regardless of whether or not you are an athlete.



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