The Importance of Detoxing

August 23 2016

Jacqueline Rosenhek


The filtration system in our bodies plays a huge role in the process of digestion and our overall health. Our kidneys and liver work by sifting through whatever it is we consume and absorbing the essential nutrients from it while getting rid of the waste. If the kidneys or liver are not in healthy condition the rest of the body will be affected. Without proper filtration of toxins there would be acidic build up in the body which can cause acid reflux, bad breath, body odour, joint pain, bloating, difficulty metabolizing carbs and fats, constipation and gas just to name a couple of signs that you are possibly in need of a detox.

A detox is when you take a period of time to rid your body of toxins followed up by physical maintenance to help keep the healthy after effects of a detox. People typically do this by eating healthier, drinking more water or taking certain mixes of plants and vegetables to clean out their kidneys and liver as well as to help reduce water retention and make it easier to lose weight and to stimulate digestion.  It is typical to do this anywhere from twice to four times a year, depending on the person.

What causes toxic build up anyway? Stress is a large factor. With our busy school or work schedules, excessive stress is a common toxin producer. When we stress, our immune systems slow down and our digestive systems go at a much less healthy pace, typically either resulting in constipation or diarrhea due to stress killing the healthy bacteria in our intestines and stomach. What we tend to put into our bodies is a huge factor for toxic build up as well. We consume far too much refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and excessive amounts of saturated fats. Our bodies can only absorb so much! After a while, all these toxins build up and our kidneys and liver and it becomes more difficult to filter all of it through, leaving waste to stick around in our bodies and acts as a catalyst for many different health problems (lowered immune system, digestive problems, acid reflux, skin problems, bad breath, body odour etc.). It is important to take the time to be more conscious of how we treat our bodies. Detoxes are not just meant to clean our filtration system but to encourage a healthier lifestyle. While detoxing it is important to avoid the things that toxify us like junk food, alcohol, cigarettes or excess stress. If we want the results to continue after the detox, it is important to keep up healthier habits which will ultimately promote healthier filtration in the body. To detox it is useful to opt for organic vegetables and edible plants and herbs that have purifying properties (black radish, dandelion, milk thistle, beets, dark green leafy vegetables etc.) or to drink a lot of water and to get frequent exercise and to avoid processed, deep fried, fatty and/or overly oily food and alcohol. Detoxing definitely means that sacrifices must be made, but for your body’s health it is worth it.


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