Superfoods to Incorporate into Your Diet

June 7 2017

Jacqueline Rosenhek


We have all become increasingly aware of the term “superfood”, but what is it really? A superfood is a type of food that actually has notable medicinal benefit due to its natural richness in nutrients. They can come in the form of different fruits, vegetables and herbs and are all rather versatile in the different ways you can incorporate them in your diet and in the details in how they can be beneficial for your health. I have previously covered a little bit of information about superfoods in a previous post, but let’s dive in a little further shall we? 

If there is one superfood that should be found in every kitchen it is turmeric. Its health benefits include, but are not limited to blood detoxification, anti-inflammatory (both digestive and articulation), and helps with blood flow as well. Typically found in powder form, turmeric can be added to food while it is being cooked, add a unique spicy flavour to your smoothies or soups or can even be mixed with water and lemon juice as a digestive tonic! Maca is another one you should definitely keep handy. It is very rich in vitamins and minerals and contains about 20 different amino acids. Maca helps with hormonal balance, giving particularly noticeable results to women who are prone to premenstrual mood swings or who are about to enter menopause. It also helps to alleviate anxiety and depression related fatigue amongst adults as well as helping to reduce sexual dysfunction in men and women.

Spirulina and chlorella are two different antioxidant blue green algae that can and in many cases should be incorporated into your breakfast smoothies. Spirulina is a type of fresh water blue green algae that is high in nutritional value, with a high percentage in different vitamin B’s, beta-carotene and copper. It even has a small amount of vegan protein in it! Chlorella is another type of blue green algae which helps to alkalize your digestive system and eliminate bad body odours. Rich in magnesium and B-vitamins, chlorella is actually very good for your mental well-being as well as your physical well-being. One superfood that you may have heard more about would be wheat grass. Wheat grass works like a multivitamin in the sense that it contains every essential vitamin and nutrient you need (vitamin A, B complex, C, D, E, I, K, amino acids and basic protein). It is incredibly alkalizing which is great for your digestive system and, as previously mentioned, it’s alkaline ph levels makes it useful in eliminating bad body odours. It is also useful as a vegan source of protein, making up a large portion of your daily requirement. Superfood is not just a marketable term people just throw around to make a certain food seem healthier, superfoods are starting to become an increasingly notable option for us to consume and improve our health with, whether it is a fruit, vegetable or algae, superfoods can offer a huge variety of nutrients.



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