Spring Cleaning your Insides: Why and how you Should Detox for Spring.

February 21 2017

Jacqueline Rosenhek

The snow is starting to melt, the weather is warming up, there is a crisp and sun lit feeling in the air that tells you that winter is coming to an end soon. When winter is finished, we try to shed off the results of hearty meals and lack of activity and recharge ourselves. It is time to put a bit of bounce back into your step. One way to achieve that is some spring cleaning, and not just in your home, but in your body. It is time to detoxify! Detoxification is the process in which your body gets rid of toxic substances; this can be done through a combination of diet change, increased water intake, exercise and in many cases these days, supplements. Detoxifying your body can have a number of benefits, such as:

  • Better digestion
  • Faster and stronger metabolism
  • Less acid reflux
  • Better absorption of fats and carbs
  • Clear skin
  • Bright eyes
  • Less B.O.
  • Better circulation
  • Less water retention
  • Less acid reflux

And this is just to name a couple of the benefits of detoxing your body. It isn’t enough to just incorporate certain herbs, juices or ingredients into your diet though, detoxing only works through complete commitment, which means healthy eating and healthy living. It is known that the kidneys and liver act as the filtration system for your body and keeping them clean ensures improved overall health. Detoxing tends to focus quite a bit on these particular areas of the body for this exact reason. Drinking water is essential to helping to clean out these organs. In order for proper filtration it is important to keep properly hydrated and to keep alkaline. Alkalizing your digestive system also helps in preventing acidic build up.  Excessive acidity can cause ulcers, digestive problems like indigestion and can cause a lot of damage to your physical appearance with time. Eating lots of vegetables (particularly dark green ones) especially while taking chlorophyll supplements will help to alkalize your digestive system and act as a fiber which can help clean out your intestines of residual waste build up and reduce constipation and intestinal inflammation. You can even sweat out your toxins!! Regular exercise will help you to sweat out residual build-up of junk food, cigarettes, alcohol and whatever other nastiness is accumulating inside your body especially if you drink a lot of water along with your exercise. It will also raise your heart rate which in turn will augment your metabolism which can help your body to rid itself of said waste. There are some do’s and don’ts about detoxing as well, such as:

  • Don’t consume alcohol or fried foods while detoxing.
  • Do drink plenty of water and eat healthy and ideally raw fruits and vegetables to optimize results.
  • Do reduce the amount of red meat and dairy you consume while detoxing,
  • Don’t add laxatives to your detox unless you are sincerely constipated.
  • Do try to avoid acidity causing or overall unhealthy foods or drinks like coffee, energy drinks, processed or fast foods, artificial sugars and excessive amounts of salt.
  • Do read the instructions and cautions on any detox you may try to see if they counteract with any ailments or medications.


While the body is typically able to detoxify itself, nowadays, with all the pollution in the air, processed foods and overall poor habits, it’s become a little bit harder for our bodies to be able to do that which is why it is important to clean up our acts and clean up our bodies!


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