Smoother than Silk: Argan Oil

January 9 2018

Jacqueline Rosenhek


If you know anything about natural cosmetics then you have possibly heard of argan oil/Moroccan oil. For the benefit of those of you who have not, argan oil is the most effective hair softening product you could treat your hair and skin to and that is not an exaggeration. Argan oil is an organic product extracted from the kernels of the argan tree, which is native to Morocco. It is extremely rich in beneficial nutrients including fatty acids and vitamin E. Its properties make it particularly beneficial for the hair and skin, leaving them soft, shiny and healthy.  It is especially beneficial for those who are prone to dry hair and skin but do not want to use a product that leaves a greasy residue.

So maybe for the sake of interest we can learn a bit about the background of argan oil. Moroccans have been using Argan oil as a skin moisturizer and hair conditioner since ancient times. The usage of Argan oil has been traced back to as early as 1550 B.C. to heal and beautify skin and hair. After testing this oil, scientists discovered that it is full of antioxidants, vitamin E and other agents that help to maintain smooth and healthy hair skin and nails; the oil is now known throughout the world for its cosmetic purposes.

Argan oil makes an excellent leave-in conditioning treatment. It makes an ideal conditioning agent since it makes hair soft and sleek and adds extra shine. Its high vitamin E concentration helps in repairing and building hair tissue which makes it effective in repairing damage done on the hair but it also helps in hair growth. The fatty acids it contains also help in repairing skin and reducing the appearance of acne scars. Rather than opt for chemical and paraben filled products why not opt for something that is natural, pure and has been proven for millennia to work?





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