How to Shed Pounds Naturally Part 3: Exercises

April 20 2017

Jacqueline Rosenhek


There is no way around it, no matter what you do, no matter what you eat, no matter what you read, what your friends or family tell you, if you are not physically active (minimum of a 30-45 minute exercise activity about a minimum of 3 times a week), you will not lose weight and you will not keep weight off plain and simple. No more excuses, if you feel you want to lose weight, then it is time to work out!  Regular exercise not only helps to improve metabolism, but it also helps to regulate your cardiac system, build muscles and it trains your body to digest food more efficiently. Here is a list of different activities and exercises you could do to help you burn a lot of fat!

Swimming: This low impact activity will help you lose weight without causing any damage to your legs. With a variety of swimming strokes, it is easy to keep this activity interesting and have it be overall effective. Swim a few laps a few days out of the week every week and you will begin to notice a difference.


Jogging: Jogging a few kilometers a day is a fantastic way to speed up your metabolic rate to a healthy degree and is a great way to shed fat. Jogging is hard on your knees though so it is a good idea to take a natural anti-inflammatory combined with a collagen supplement.


Dancing: This is a fun form of cardio that not only affects your entire body and cardiac system but also comes in a huge variety of styles.


Weights: Weight training is another very useful method for physical activity. Weight training creates an afterburn which means your body (provided you eat healthy) will continue to burn a bit of calories even after your workout is over and contrary to popular belief, does not leave you too bulky.


These are just a couple of examples of different types of exercise you can do to not only lose weight, but to feel better inside and out! Regular exercise helps your body release endorphins which can help reduce anxiety and depression. It also helps to maintain a healthy cardiac system as well as a healthy digestive system. So get off the couch and go for a jog, or a walk, or go swimming or anything! It isn’t always easy but if you push yourself enough, the results will be worth it.

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