Natural Solutions for Eczema

November 30 2016

Jacqueline Rosenhek


Everyone’s skin is unique. We all have our own textures, colours, marks and imperfections. Some imperfections, however, can be much more irritating than others, one of those imperfections being dermatitis, or as it’s also commonly known, eczema. Eczema is a skin disease which is characterized by a red, itchy inflammation of the skin ranging from only certain parts of the body to almost the entire body. The specific cause for eczema is not known yet but many speculate that it could be a mix of environmental factors as well as genetic. It has been shown that a child is more likely to develop an atopic disease if one or both of their parents have one as well, such as eczema. There are many other factors such as allergens (pollen, animal fur, dust mites) irritants (soaps, shampoos, fruit juices, disinfectants) hot or cold temperature (excessive humidity or sweat), stress (excessive acidity in the body caused by stress can cause an outbreak or make the symptoms intensify), hormones (many women experience the intensifying of eczema symptoms during pregnancy) or even certain types of foods. Most people who have eczema start seeing symptoms in early childhood and do not appear to be as intense as symptoms during adulthood. In young children, it is common for food allergies to cause an eczema reaction but it is much rarer in adults.

While there is no cure for eczema, there are many natural solutions to help reduce the symptoms. It is always important to follow a healthy diet, but when you have a condition like eczema, your diet can actually affect your condition and its severity. Eating dark green vegetables that have a very alkaline PH level is typically a good idea to help reduce the acidity in your skin. Consuming probiotics through kombucha, kefir and yogurt is also very helpful with eczema and lessening the symptoms. It is also being proven that certain foods to avoid would include eggs, cow’s milk, soy, fish, wheat and certain types of nuts which could cause the symptoms to worsen. It is also important to protect your liver with supplements like milk thistle and chlorophyll to help alkalize the body and in turn, lessen the symptoms while milk thistle protects the liver and prevents excessive toxic build up in the body. Omega 3’s are good for hydrating the skin from the inside out as are collagen supplements and drinking plenty of water. It is also important to learn some relaxation techniques. A lot of the cause for eczema outbreaks is stress both physical and mental. Stress causes an excess of acidity to build up inside the body and can worsen the symptoms or cause an outbreak. It is a good idea to practice some meditation and do some physical activity to unwind (if sweat is an eczema trigger for you then it is a good idea to take a lukewarm or cold shower after your workout). Unfortunately there is no cure for eczema, with these tips however, your horrible ailment could become surprisingly more manageable!


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