Everybody Goes… Except You

March 20 2017

Jacqueline Rosenhek


Do you ever feel blocked up? We aren’t talking about nasal congestion. That’s right, I mean constipation, the god-awful, stuffed up feeling you have from your intestines to your stomach to your liver and no matter how long you wait, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to go. It feels absolutely nasty and it can be really uncomfortable. Being constipated means that your bowel movements are tough or you are going to the bathroom less often than you should. This can lead to bloating, body odour, more acidic pH in your body and cramps just to name a couple of the unpleasant side effects of constipation.  

If being constipated is a frequent issue for you, you may want to take a look at some lifestyle habits you may have and how they could be affecting you in this particular way. Your diet, your activity levels and how much water you drink are just a couple of factors to look into if you are concerned with the consistency of your bowel movements. If you tend to eat a lot of processed or “fast food” (funny that it’s called fast food when in reality it renders you incredibly sluggish) you are far more prone to being constipated due to the fact that many processed foods tend to be low in fiber content but very high in fat. Your body will try to get calories from the fat you consume and digestion will slow down. Many “enriched” (just a fancy way of saying processed) grains such as those found in white bread, pastries, many types of pasta and breakfast cereals are stripped of fiber and nutritional value and just end up building up and take forever to digest and pass through the body.  Lack of physical activity can also cause a low frequency of healthy bowel movements. Lack of exercise can cause intestinal weakness and a slow metabolism. Regular exercise even if it is only cardio will help with digestive function in your body and will ultimately regulate your bowel movements. How much water you drink and what you drink also plays a large factor. Excessive amounts of caffeine, alcohol and sugar will dehydrate you and make it harder for your body to eliminate. Water is and always will be the key source of hydration your body needs. Water will help to hydrate your stools and lubricate your intestines, making them easier for your body to pass. Drinking water is also essential in helping to detox your body a bit from leftover waste. If you still have trouble going to the bathroom, you may want to consider detoxing your digestive system with a natural plant based detox that can have mild to moderate laxative effects (such as senna, psyllium, cascada sagrada) mixed with a supplement like chlorophyll and/or aloe vera which can help to balance the pH levels in your digestive system while lubricating your intestines. Overall, there are numerous natural solutions for constipation, both in eliminating the problem and preventing it from coming back.



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