The Essential Guide to Essential Oils Part 3: Alertness, Concentration and Energy

December 15 2016

Jacqueline Rosenhek

Essential oils can be just as useful for waking someone up and giving them energy just as much as they can be useful for relaxation. Sometimes stress, rather than give an excess of nervous energy can cause others to feel perpetually tired and sluggish. It can be incredibly difficult to go about your day when you feel almost surrounded in a miasma of your own negativity, stress and exhaustion. Caffeinated drinks work but they can make you feel shaky and nervous and ultimately lead to an energetic crash and pills are really not for everyone, this is where essential oils step in.

The smell of lemon is already ingrained in some of our minds as an invigorating, fresh, clean, bright smell when used around the house; it only makes sense that the same logic would apply when used therapeutically as an essential oil. Lemon essential oil is useful in fighting away fatigue brought on by anxiety by reinforcing your body and mind and even boosting your immune system a little.

Many of us associate eucalyptus as a tonic to fight off colds and flus while nurturing our immune system back to a healthy state, now we can associate it as a mental and physical energizer. Its cooling effects when rubbed on the temples of the head can relieve tension headaches and can help clear you of any mental and physical exhaustion. Its effects on the immune system also help to prevent sluggishness when you are feeling sick.

Peppermint is a smell many of us associate with the holidays. Its sweet and refreshing essence will almost certainly draw you to it. Peppermint essential oil has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for stimulating digestion, reducing muscular inflammation, reducing congestion and eliminating lethargy.  A word of caution, some people may have sensitivity to this essential oil because of its intense cooling effects, use sparingly in a diffuser or when inhaling.

Rosemary is a fantastic tonic for the brain and it helps with both cognitive function and memory. It is best enjoyed diffused at home or rubbed on your hands and inhaled. Rosemary is particularly useful when combined with a citrus type of essential oil to add a bit of an extra boost of immune energy since rosemary is also very good for immune function.

It is no question that the smell of fir trees is enough to awaken ones senses so it is a given that the essential oil is a fantastic remedy for lethargy. Fir tree is also really useful against depression and anxiety and is amazing for fighting off coughs, colds and lung infections.

These are just to name a couple of different essential oils that can help to invigorate the senses and give you a healthy natural energy boost. Useful in school and work environments as well as at home either in a diffuser, in a massage oil, mixed in with your body wash or even just applied topically with another oil or cream as a base.

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