The Essential Guide to Essential Oils Part 12: Spring Cleaning!

March 29 2017

Jacqueline Rosenhek

Spring is coming! It is a time of year where we tend to get rid of build-up, build-up being overall clutter like putting away winter coats, shedding some winter weight and of course Spring cleaning! Here are some quick and natural recipes to help you de-clutter and refresh your home and/or office!

Mint Carpet Cleaner

Mix 20 drops of peppermint essential oil into a small cup of baking soda. Let the mixture sit overnight so the smell gets absorbed and then voila! You have your own carpet cleaner made from scratch! Place onto the carpet before you vacuum.

Toilet Cleaner/Freshener

In a spritz bottle mix 30 ml of water with 8 drops of tea tree essential oil, 10 drops of lemon essential oil and 10 drops of fir essential oil. Can be used in the toilet or the bathroom sink. Also helps to get rid of mildew.


Window Cleaner

In a 30 ml spritz bottle, mix 1 teaspoon of white vinegar with 8 drops of peppermint essential oil and 10 drops of lemon essential oil. The lemon and peppermint will help leave a nice shine and will disinfect while the vinegar also helps to disinfect and to prevent streaks.


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