The Essential Guide to Essential Oils Part 10: How to Make Perfume with Essential Oils

February 10 2017

Jacqueline Rosenhek

Essential oils have quite a lot of uses when it comes to therapy, and it is no wonder that many people use them cosmetically, especially as perfume. There are so many different ways to make so many different and beautiful combinations that you can make for yourself or someone you care about.  You can mix and match our selection of different oils to help yourself find your favourite blend! When it comes to making perfume, there are three main categories for smell, the top note, middle note and base note.

A top note is the most impressive of the three notes in perfume, meaning that they are the first scent note you will notice when you smell someone’s perfume. The smell doesn’t always last long but it is typically strong and uplifting without much weight to the scent itself. Examples of top notes could be orange, lemon, grapefruit or peppermint.

A middle note in perfume is what rounds out the entire fragrance. It is stable, soothing and it balances the chemistry in the mixture of scents. Middle notes are much more varied but are typically a bit more pungent yet versatile. Examples of middle notes could be lavender, rosemary, fir or marjoram.

A base note is typically a fixative which extends the existence of the smell of whatever perfume you are creating. The oils used are typically a little thicker and have a heavier, sweeter or sometimes even musky or powdery smell. Examples of base notes are ylang ylang and lavender and fir can be a base note as well as a middle note.

Typically the fool proof way to blend smells properly together is that there would be the highest concentration of the top notes, followed by the middle notes and finished with the base notes. However, it is possible to mix the order up a little bit if you know some blends that can mix well or if you are looking for a more particular scent. The essential oils should be mixed with a carrier oil like sweet almond oil, olive oil or jojoba oil in order for it to stay on the skin longer and to prevent any chance of accidentally irritating your skin if it is sensitive.  Below are some good examples of a natural perfume recipe that can be suitable as a gift for someone or just yourself!


Fresh and Exhilarating Blend

This blend is definitely a unique one and will appeal to those who love sweet, almost edible smelling aromas. This scent is as invigorating as it is refreshing, starting off sweet and almost candy like, and ending with a soft floral note. Feminine, fun, joyous.


  1. 50 ml glass bottle (ideally a dark tinted one)
  2. 50 ml of almond or jojoba oil
  3. 3 drops of lemon essential oil
  4. 2 drops of peppermint essential oil
  5. 1 drop of ylang ylang essential oil


Forest Spice

This blend is good for those who want a warmer, more androgynous scent. This mixture is strong yet subtle, spicy yet delicate. It smells almost balsamic and hearty but has an underlying aroma that gives it a beautiful herbal finish. Confident, natural, versatile.


  1. 50 ml glass bottle (ideally a dark tinted one)
  2. 50 ml of almond or jojoba oil
  3. 2 drops of fir essential oil
  4. 2 drops of lemon essential oil
  5. 1 drop of rosemary essential oil
  6. 1 drop of lavender essential oil



Sweet and Spicy

This smell is perfect for during the day or at night. It’s subtle herbal, even a tiny bit floral scent blends wonderfully with the sweet fruity top note. It almost smells like a gourmet orange soda but instead of the sugary sweetness, it is replaced by a subtle yet deep herbal undertone that almost tickles your nose in a very delightful way before it settles. Warm, sensual, beautiful.

  1. 50 ml glass bottle (ideally a dark tinted one)
  2. 50 ml of almond or jojoba oil
  3. 3 drops of orange essential oil
  4. 2 drops of rosemary essential oil
  5. 1 drop of lavender essential oil
  6.  2 drops of cardamom essential oil 



This scent is perfect for when you just want to add a little bit of a relaxed vibe to your day. This scent has a clean, herbal, floral smell that is a bit more androgynous and a bit more subdued than your average floral. It is almost a light, musky smell meets a warm, herbaceous scent. Perfect for any time of day. Relaxed, happy, cozy


  1. 50 ml glass bottle (ideally a dark tinted one)
  2. 50 ml of almond or jojoba oil
  3. 3 drops of grapefruit essential oil
  4. 2 drops of lavender essential oil
  5. 1 drop of black pepper essential oil





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