The Do’s and Don’ts About Natural Supplements and Pregnancy

May 9 2017

Jacqueline Rosenhek


Pregnancy is an amazing thing. Someone grows, nourishes and produces a person inside of their body, passes this person through their body and is able to continue to nourish them for a period of time with their body. This is nothing short of amazing, however it is also imperative that the pregnant person be extra aware of what gets absorbed by the body. Whatever we consume, are surrounded by, experience and so on, it all can affect your pregnancy to a degree. That is not to say that everyone who is expecting should be overly cautious to the point of ridiculousness and excessive caution but it is definitely something to consider. Many people get very concerned about what vitamins, minerals and overall supplements and what they can do to affect pregnancy. While some natural supplements may not really be ideal for pregnancies (typically if they have stimulant-type properties) there are many different types of supplements that are not only good for your pregnancy, but can actually have a lot of benefits like providing essential nutrients to both you and your baby as well as getting rid of some of the discomforts of pregnancy.

Healthy pregnancy begins before conception. Eating healthy, regular exercise and trying to maintain as much of a stress free life as you possibly can. If you are planning to have a child anytime soon, dietary restrictions and recommendations are important to follow. It is important to consume a fair amount of protein. Protein helps with improving fertility as well as fetal development and prevents deformities. It is also important to consume essential fatty acids to help with your unborn child’s brain development as well as helping to develop the rest of your baby’s vital organs. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of water is also  help to develop the baby’s immune system as well as flushing out toxins which could jeopardize the fetus. You must avoid stimulants like caffeine or energy drinks as well as processed foods which could be toxic to a pregnant body as well as alcohol and tobacco. Omega 6 supplements or foods rich in them (vegetable oils are an example) are not one to take gratuitously either since they are typically foreign to the body. Now onto the more intricate part of the article, what natural supplements are good or bad for pregnancy?

As previously mentioned, stimulants should be avoided. Supplements containing things such as ginseng or ginkgo biloba can create too much stress on the body by elevating the heart rate too much which can put stress on the baby. Avoid excessive amounts of silica as well to avoid excessive amounts of minerals in your body as well. Avoid uterine stimulants like black cohosh as well as borage oil and anything containing yarrow. Thankfully, the list of things you can and are even recommended to take is longer. Folic acid is very beneficial to the unborn fetus by preventing certain birth defects like spina bifida and problems with neural tubes. If you want to avoid morning sickness, you will want to opt for a ginger supplement if the strong taste of ginger on its own may be a bit too much for you in your pregnant state. Vitamin D is good for regulating calcium levels in our bodies as well as phosphate which are needed to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy and will promote healthy bone development for the baby. If you are prone to anemia, you are probably going to benefit from eating foods rich in iron or taking a supplement. Vitamin C protects your body’s cells and is found in many antioxidants; it will help prevent feeling excessively tired. Vitamin B will help to prevent excessive mental stress and mood swings during pregnancy as well. Pregnancy is a very beautiful, intense and emotional time, it’s important to make sure that your pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible and to not have to stress about weird chemicals or bad side effects, nobody has time for that! This is your time, this is your unborn baby’s time to grow and experience the beauty that is becoming a new parent.

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