CLA, what is it?

May 29 2017

Jacqueline Rosenhek


CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a type of fatty acid that is in the omega-6 category and cannot be produced naturally in the human body. It can, however, be found in our day to day diet in foods like dairy, meat and eggs, but most effectively from safflower oil. Interest in CLA began in the 80’s when Professor Michael W. Pariza, who worked in the Department of Food Microbiology and Toxicology. It has been discovered that the way that CLA works is by increasing your resting metabolic rate and helps your body metabolize protein far more efficiently. Rather than decrease your overall body weight as dramatically as some other natural supplements might, it prevents fat build up and helps with muscular development through efficient protein digestion and conversion to energy as well as improve muscular endurance, thus giving the person taking CLA a more ideal fat to muscle ratio and more energy with each work out. This makes CLA perfect for bodybuilders or those who take up combative fitness or even those who are really just looking to create more lean, muscular definition and are doing so through a high protein diet and/or taking protein supplements.

So who can benefit from taking CLA? Anyone who is looking to add more muscular definition while lowering their fat to muscle ratio in favor of more muscle and less fat. Those who are worried about gaining weight back after working so hard to lose it could definitely benefit from CLA supplements if they take it while continuing a regular exercise routine and eat healthy. It is most recommended to take this supplement with a protein supplement for those looking to build more muscle and have a low body fat percentage.

With CLA, it is generally recommended to combine this with a varied, fun and impacting workout routine. Go for a swim for some cardio, or a run, or a very long walk and just listen to some music and let the movement be your meditation. Lift some weights at the gym, or do some intense yoga at home with a lot of moves involving balancing on your own weight. Find interesting activities that involve exercise, some good examples could be wall climbing or mountain biking or something else fun and physically active. CLA is best combined with a high lean protein diet or a protein supplement. It is also recommended to take this supplement with a diet containing a lot of omega-3’s or an omega-3 supplement in order to further enhance your muscular development. CLA is perfect for those who want to combine natural, healthy supplements with perseverance. This is for someone who wants results and is already putting in the work towards a healthier lifestyle. If you want to put some effort and dedication and boost your results, CLA is for you.

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