Benefits of Coconut Oil

February 6 2017

Jacqueline Rosenhek

We have all heard about coconut oil being healthy for you. It is almost impossible to go to a grocery store without passing by different varieties of coconut oil and its versatility is evident. It can replace many different types of fat necessary for cooking or adding to dishes. Nowadays coconut oil is also widely used for numerous health benefits both for your body’s exterior and interior. Coconut oil contains a particular type of saturated fat that you would not find in most other fat containing foods. It contains medium chain triglycerides which the human body tends to metabolize more easily and converted into energy in the body.

Many of us are aware of the benefits coconut oil can have on skin and hair. It is high in amino acids and healthy fats that can leave dry skin smooth and protected and can be used to help with dry scalps and damaged hair. Coconut oil, especially if it is GMO free and organic, is high in amino acids which can help with tissue repair and maintenance. Coconut oil, despite the fact that it is a saturated fat is actually quite good for your heart as well by helping to reduce bad cholesterol. Coconut oil also contains medium chain fatty acids which are easily metabolized by the liver and converted to energy and speed up the metabolism a bit by stimulating the thyroid gland which helps with weight loss. Coconut oil is also a natural antimicrobial and helps to strengthen the immune system. Since coconut oil contains a high concentration of lauric acid, the human body converts it into a substance called monolaurin which research has shown is an effective substance in helping the body to deal with viruses and bacteria that cause diseases like herpes, the flu, and even HIV.  

Coconut oil is even good for your brain! As previously mentioned, coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s) which, along with the natural glucose found in coconut oil, provides a source of fuel for the nervous system. When someone suffers from Alzheimer’s, their brain effectively blocks any glucose uptake which leaves the brain fuel deprived, which can lead to general neurodegeneration. Consuming medium chain triglycerides has been proven to help fuel the brain and has shown improvement with patients with milder forms of Alzheimer’s. For these reasons and more it is good to look into making coconut oil a dietary, medicinal and cosmetic staple in your life. Not only is it infamously healthy for your skin and hair but it could very well save your brain too.


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