Are you Burning Out?

December 13 2016


Jacqueline Rosenhek



Working hard, never giving up, putting your sweat blood and tears into your work, these are all desirable traits in a working person in today’s society. It is important to ┬áput the effort necessary and even go above and beyond at work in order for it to pay off financially, but also pay off mentally when you see your efforts come into fruition, especially if you like your job. However, just like with everything else in life, when there is too much of a good thing, that good thing will turn into something horribly negative. Working long hours most, if not every day of the week with little to no breaks can snowball into stress outside of work which can and will trickle down into your personal health which can (and likely will) lead to intense anxiety, depression, irritability and an overall feeling of negativity, especially if your work environment or your life outside of it is already stressful. The term for this feeling is called a burn out. Feeling burned out is a pretty self-explanatory term, you feel like you are running on fumes, you feel mentally, emotionally and physically drained of all motivation and happiness towards your job or personal life. You may be suffering from or approaching a burn out if you are feeling any of the following:

  • Physical, mental and/or emotional exhaustion
  • Lack of motivation when you used to feel motivated
  • Negative emotions
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Slipping job performance
  • Inter personal issues at home and at work
  • Not taking care of yourself Not taking care of yourself
  • Obsessing about work even when you are not at work
  • Health problems

If there was ever a warning sign your body can give you that you have unaddressed personal issues, this could be a big one. Ignoring your constant exhaustion and stress at work or outside of work can be incredibly damaging both mentally and physically. When you are experiencing a burn out, it is important to take a step back from whatever is causing you such intense personal issues and remember that your health should always be a priority. It is good to remember to take some time to relax when you are off the clock. Take some time for yourself rather than consistently worry about work or whatever is causing you unrest. It is definitely easier said than done, especially since we live in a society that almost glorifies working to the point of severe exhaustion. It is very important to try to cultivate a healthy, rich personal life outside of work. It is important to find time to explore some of your personal interests in order to help take your mind off whatever is stressing you and to gain a better sense of self. Finding time for personal interests will help you develop more of an identity and confidence outside of whatever is causing you to burn out. It is also important to be more conscious of your physical health. The quality of care we give to ourselves will reflect on our general attitude on life. It is important to eat a healthy, varied diet consisting of a healthy balance of fresh vegetables and fruit, lean protein and grains. Processed food tends to produce an excess of insulin in the body causing a mental and physical crash. Combined with excessive amounts of caffeine, this can almost certainly lead to some overall exhaustion. There are also many herbal remedies that can be really useful in cases of feeling perpetually drained. Herbs such as rhodiola and/or ginseng not only help to keep you alert, but they also help to reduce the fatigue caused by stress throughout your day. Ginseng helps with adrenal support and helps to improve your physical response to stress while rhodiola helps you to keep focused and not feel worn down from stress. Switching from coffee to herbal energizing teas is also a good idea. It is easy to use coffee as a go to elixir for energy, but as previously mentioned, it tends to have a funny way of making a person feel incredibly anxious after drinking enough of it. Most important of all though, is to try to relax. It is imperative that we take some down time away from what is causing us such stress or else we will never be able to see past what ails us.



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