Anger: Don’t Bottle it Up, But Don’t Let it Take Over

December 30 2016

Jacqueline Rosenhek


We have all had our moments, the last straw that will break our camel’s backs that sends us into a state of downward spiralling flames, fuelled by pure rage. Maybe your significant other cheated on you, maybe your boss is being a jerk, maybe it’s your family driving you nuts, or finances or maybe you are just fed up with wherever you are in life right now. Whatever it is, the feeling you are experiencing is anger. When we get angry, our heart rate, testosterone levels and blood pressure increases while the stress hormone in our body called cortisol lowers. Our thoughts turn into fleeting irrational chaos and it is hard to think straight or positively.  Anger typically goes hand in hand with stress. Treating anger is very similar to treating stress. It is important to try to find the root of what is causing you to feel so unhappy, try to lower your blood pressure and regulate your breathing and to calm your mind.

A good natural approach towards fighting anger or preventing such intense stressful build up is to eat healthy, exert some physical energy and to try to make sure your surroundings are helping you reach a less stressful mindset. Consuming magnesium, both as a food and a supplement has proven to be very useful in situations regarding stress and anger.  Magnesium relaxes the nerves in your body and lowers your blood pressure.  Regularly consuming omega-3’s is also a good way to help balance your temperament as well as keeping your blood pressure low. Supplements like 5-htp are a natural means to help balance your mood and help you to keep a sense of calm throughout your day without the use of unnatural chemicals. Create an ambiance of serenity around yourself. Diffuse essential oils like lavender, ylang ylang, orange or something like mint to help you calm down while you try to do some breathing exercises to prevent yourself from hyperventilating.  Most importantly, however, is to take the time to step back from whatever situation is stressing you out and try to look at it from a calmer standpoint by doing these suggestions, you will likely find that whatever is making you angry is much easier to deal with than you initially thought.

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